Geranium, natural mosquito repellent

Geranium Pelargonium CitrosumGeranium is also known as mosquito repellent plants. But not all of Geranium can be used as a mosquito repellent.

There are several types of geranium is often used as ornamental plants, such as argenteum Geranium, Geranium cinereum, and Geranium dalmaticum.

While being investigated as anti-mosquito plants, from the family Geraniaceae, namely Pelargonium, especially Pelargonium Citrosa. If at first glance, the shape is almost the same, because it is still one family.

To Pelargonium, leaf shapes like fingers. In one leaves there are three main fingers. While Geranium, leaf shape as well as the fingers, fingers only amounted to five major bone leaves.

Pelargonium leaf surface hairy, while Geranium smoother surface. If the leaves are rocking the baby, Pelargonium pungent. While Geranium is used as an ornamental plant does not smell.

Citrosa Pelargonium (Scented Geranium)

Pelargonium citrosum flowersPelargonium citrosa, or Pelargonium citrosum, also known as the scented geranium, is native of Africa, which was popularized by the Viktoria. Commonly used as aromatherapy, in the form of dried plant material.

This plant, grown for essential oils taken, known by the name of citronella essential oil. Geranium plants shaped shrub, height can reach one meter.

Commonly planted in pots, can also be planted in the ground as a garden element.

The flowers are purple, some are crossed, resulting in varied colors. Leaf shape such as a finger, with serrated leaf edge.

Young green leaf color, there is also a variegata. The smell of the leaves varies, depending on variety. Of Pelargonium Citrosa species, hybrids produced a potent anti-mosquito anti even cockroaches.

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