Binahong, plant diabetes prevention

Binahong plantToday quite a lot of people who suffer from diabetes. Most people with diabetes, taking medicines that contain synthetic chemicals, to treat the disease.

In fact, the chemical synthesis indirectly, a toxin or poison to the body if it has been accumulated for a long time. The best alternative is to use herbal remedies.

Binahong, which has the Latin name Anredera cordifolia, is one type of herbal medicinal plants, which have the efficacy to prevent diabetes. These plants originated from mainland China. In the place of origin, the plant is known by the name Dheng San Chi.

Based on the research, almost all parts of the plant binahong can be used for herbal therapy. In binahong leaves, there are antioxidant activity, ascorbic acid, total phenol is high enough, oleanolik acid, and high-protein, which is capable of stimulating the production of nitric oxide was named ancordin.

Binahong contains a number of potential food fiber, where the powder binahong tubers had higher levels of Acid Detergent Fiber (ADF), Neutral Detergent Fiber (NDF), lignin, the substance pektat, cellulose, hemisellulosa, and Total Dietary Fiber.

Proximat of test results, indicate the presence of moisture, fat, ash, protein, carbohydrate, and crude fiber. Therefore, binahong plant believed to cure various diseases, such as burns, acne, lack of appetite, menstrual launched, and for maintaining stamina.

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